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"Leadership is the special quality which enables people to stand up and pull the rest of us over the horizon."
    -- James L Fisher

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what matters mostTM

TPG Strategy & Management Solutions, Inc.  TPG Business Intelligence & Innovations, Inc.  TPG Recruitment & Executive Search, Inc.  TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc.  TPG Leader & Leadership Development, Inc. 

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We're a family of business, strategy, and implementation consulting companies that combine the strengths of business with the vision and social innovation of not-for-profits to deliver powerful solutions. TPG attracts clients and business partners who recognize our distinct approach to business:  integrating the passion to fulfill a mission with the commitment to meet bottom line objectives, across diverse industries and professions.

TPG Strategy & Management Solutions, Inc. catalyzes what matters most for and with business owners and leaders. Enterprises seek our experience and expertise to be more effective, efficient and impactful ... in such realms as strategy, turn-around orchestration, performance and process improvement, sales, brand strategy, and change management that advance strategic position, productivity, ROI, stakeholder engagement, business durability, and resilience. We help you see the path ahead, align actions and values, solve challenges and embrace opportunities through tried-and-true as well as innovative solutions.  

TPG Market Intelligence & Business Analytics, Inc. integrates investigative insights, R&D, business analytics, divergent thinking, innovative solutioning, expertise from diverse industries and more ... to address strategic challenges and opportunities and complex market, organizational and business dynamics.  

TPG Recruitment & Executive Search, Inc. partners with you to identify, recruit, engage and retain top-level talent that fits your enterprise or organization. Clients and business partners engage TPG for retained executive searches, interim or extended staffing, talent development consulting and more.

TPG Philanthropy Group, Inc. serves not-for-profit, community, charitable, faith-based, public-benefit, and other social sector organizations in strategic planning, resource development, board development, performance improvement, fund-raising, philanthropic impact studies, marketing and communications and more.

TPG Leader & Leadership Development, Inc. offers research based and practice proven leader development models, methods and resources that grow and even transform businesses, individuals, and organizations throughout the country and around the world. Leader and leadership development are vital in a rapidly evolving VUCA world, as well as to maintain, change or enhance the culture of an entity. 

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