Business Turn-Around and Profitability

Who: GENESYS Systems Integrator, a global player in systems and technology integration.

Opportunity: GENESYS engaged TPG Companies to orchestrate a business turn-around and to enhance key areas of the company.

Outcomes with TPG: Within 8 months of TPG’s involvement, GENESYS’ bank said that the company had achieved improved numbers better than they had ever seen before in a business turn-around – and in a faster-than-typical timeframe. TPG, through President & CEO Paul Kirpes, helped create or facilitate more than 25 strategic projects and growth initiatives at GENESYS over a 3+ year period. During the time TPG/Paul and GENESYS worked together, GENESYS saw a 400% increase in profitability, with 80% of projects generating positive cash flow – and exceeded 1 million man-hours worked without a lost-time incident.

Early on, Paul helped GENESYS see the rationale for separating their CEO/President position to fit the respective personalities, interests, and capabilities of the owners. He worked closely with co-owner Matt Perry as he took the reins as President, coaching and mentoring him as he restructured the organization and led its growth. Matt was honored in 2015 as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.


"I'm so grateful for how much stronger and better I am - and GENESYS is - with you and TPG Companies on our side! And through it all, I am proud to call you a good friend."

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Matthew Perry, President