Who: A major agriculture-related financial services corporation

Opportunity/Challenge: This company had seen a major expansion, overhaul, and re-focusing of its long-standing charitable giving and community involvement programs. But the company wasn’t clear what impact was occurring, if any, from its philanthropic efforts. TPG Companies, Inc. was asked to help the company determine what core questions needed answering, and then to find the answers.                                                                                       

Outcomes: TPG worked with the company to hone and define the two primary questions to be asked: 1) Were the company’s own charitable giving objectives being met? -- and 2) Were its philanthropic programs furthering the company’s other business objectives?

The subsequent Philanthropic Impact Study conducted by TPG included input from 50 stakeholders, who shared their opinions with TPG regarding the impact of each of the company’s several philanthropic programming areas; as well as their views regarding the overall giving program. The study found that indeed, the charitable giving programs significantly impacted individuals, organizations, local communities, the state, and beyond. Charitable giving provided the company with a new platform from which to talk and new topics to discuss with stakeholders, who in turn began to more fully understand the priorities and impact of the company.

TPG’s study helped establish a baseline of impact for the company’s charitable giving programs. While confirming some assumptions, the study also brought forward new approaches, options and opportunities for the company’s charitable giving which might lead to greater impact and stronger strategic achievement. Even before the study was finalized, the company began incorporating key findings into its strategic plans.