Charitable Sector Fundraising

Raising Money for Mighty Missions, by Paul J. Kirpes and William H. Powell - A book to help charitable, non-profit, civic, and faith based organizations raise more money to fulfill their Mighty Missions.

Myth, Reality & 3 Rules - Develop outside funding for not-for-profit organizations.

Fund Raising Readiness Self-Assessment & Inventory - Provide insight as to what is needed for the organization to achieve its goals with the help of fund-raising.

Major Gift Solicitation: Getting Started - Follow this 9 step plan and the gifts will come rolling in.

Major Gift Solicitation: Process, Visit, Question - Learn how to engage and make 'the ask' when speaking with potential donors.

Scaled Right Selection Tool - Useful with Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaign Implementation

Guidelines for Preparing a Case for Support - Follow these guidelines to prepare your organization's Case for Support.

Philanthropy & Fundraising 201 - Follow this framework to check fundraising readiness and maintain effectiveness throughout the campaign.

Non-Profit Financing

Bonding & Alternative Financing Solutions: View our information about how TPG can help connect you with potential assistance in this area.